Usability Journal

A journal that is part of the Seattle University Web Development Certificate program in WATS 4010 to document my explorations in UX/UI design.
The homepage for my WATS 4010 User Science Journal

Project Background

This Usability Journal is used throughout the WATS 4010: User Science and Testing class that contains essays, studies, and my hypotheses and conclusions while I learn the basic principles and techniques on how to conduct usability testing, search engine optimization, and quality assurance.



Overall, I felt the User Science Journal was a great learning experience as shown in that I gained a better understanding about data analytics and how powerful it is in our everyday lives. I was able to see my learning and enthusaism in UX/UI design increased overr time as my posts become more comprehensive. These tools are extremely useful to anyone who requires data collection and analysis for educational or commercial purposes. It truly is a science that is in the same vein as chemistry, physics and biology.

Technologies Used

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