Sun Times

This project uses the Vue.js framework to help create a single web application using JavaScript that allows the user to submit some type information and fetch data from a third party API.
A results page in the Sun Times Project

Project Background

I selected the Sunrise-Sunset API because I felt that using an API that deals with time would be a good learning experience and relatively simple. I would be able to bootstrap an earlier project in the class that would eliminate a lot of recreating the wheel in terms of building JavaScript from scratch to get my data displayed.


Getting the Vue.js web app to display the data proved difficult at first until I discovered that the listed parameters were incorrectly labeled in the documentation. Longitude was titled Long in the documentation, but is actually lng for example when a developer uses Inspect in their Devtools on Chrome. The API documentation also had no mention of the data being in Coordinated Universal Time UTC, which was something that I had never seen or heard of before.


The goal for this project was to build a single page application using a JavaScript application framework. Our class used Vue.js as our JavaScript framework during the program. The requirements are listed below:


I looked over a list of free to use third-party APIs that were made available to all classmates and choose one that I could start by bootstrapping from an earlier project and a subject that interested me. My research consisted mostly of starting off with the API documentation in addition to having to research the concept of UTC to both understand what it is and how to convert the data into the users local time.

The Design Comp Page One
The Design Comp Page Two
The Design Comp Page Three
An Information Architecture
A Wireframe


In summary, what I built was an online webapp that a user can use to enter in longitude and latitude coordinates to return the following: sunrise, sunset, and various other times relevant to the sun's cycle for that day.

Technologies Used